A quick glance at NordVPN reviews may convince you it is the best VPN available today. It appears to check all the boxes — speed, privacy, no logging, Netflix, torrenting and a whole lot more. But if you look at most VPNs that make it into the top-ten listing you will find that they make similar statements.

1 thing is Certain; although many VPNs claim to offer a premium, unmatched support, they’re lacking in some aspects.

1 review may State a VPN is fast while another says it’s slow. A VPN might be described as”no logging” on a single site, while the other will state that it knowingly logs and keeps customer details. This is surely true of Nord VPN; there is no lack of contrasting reviews.

Find out is to test different VPNs. This is not practical for the typical consumer; it is expensive, not to mention it may not result in an optimum VPN service.

NordVPN Inspection

In a glance, NordVPN has some great Features:

· It utilizes double data encryption.

· Has a lot of servers.

· It is in a secure jurisdiction.

· It offers decent rates.

The normal user is searching for more than this. They want to Know a bit more about how their VPN functions and exactly what it does to ensure that they remain anonymous.

Highlight features:

· Over 5000 in over 60 countries

· No information logging

· Up to 6 simultaneous connections

· Automatic kill switch

· Ultra protected encryption (OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec protocols)

· Compatible with most operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux

· Contains a proxy extension for Google Chrome and Firefox

· P2P sharing enabled

· Double data encryption for Greater anonymity

· Onion over VPN servers

· Unlimited bandwidth

· 24/7 customer support

· Accepts major credit cards, GiroPay, Sofort, iDeal, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin

· 30-day money-back guarantee

· Free CyberSec security extras (blocks hazardous Sites, prevents the computer from engaging in DDoS attacks( ad blocker)

High Speeds

NordVPN isn’t Only among the most secure VPNs about; it is also quite quick. Of course, distance is an important determining factor. The further away you are from the host, the slower it’s likely to be. But with NordVPN, you will still get a decent enough download rate for basic online applications, even at long distances.

Let’s If you’re connecting to a local server, you can expect to reach up to 95mbps in download speeds. That is only a 5% loss! If you live in Europe and wish to connect to a US server, your pace will probably limit around the 74mbps mark, which is still ideal for things like playing and playing online games. Asian servers, however, will be considerably slower. Ideally, you’ll receive around 12 to 15mbps at most, which is still more than enough for most online jobs.

Security features

There are several reasons people use VPNs. Some want to get Netflix content while some want to torrent with ease. There are many who want a VPN for solitude and privacy.

If you are looking For the latter NordVPN is a fantastic choice. It’s some of the best safety features in the market.

Dual VPN or Multi-Hop VPN is a standard feature in NordVPN. Users can select it or leave it depending on desired levels of safety.

The software supplies Two kinds of kill-switch: net (kills all visitors in case of a diminished VPN link ) and program (closes all applications in case of lost VPN connection).

This VPN comes with an advertisement Blocker and will warn you when you’re going to get into a malicious domainname.


A Three-year subscription to NordVPN is one of the best deals on the current market, considering the added security features and support usability. Monthly billing is somewhat more costly.

All plans Provide unlimited bandwidth up to six devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, and even routers. If you protect your house router, it covers all devices connected to it, freeing the remaining five relations for other locations.

Website and Support

NordVPN Includes a fashionable and nicely laid out website, providing an abundance of information on product features, pricing programs, accessible servers, and customer care. The company provides 24/7 live chat support, email service, and a ticket entry system.

The Site also offers a range of free extra tools like an encrypted proxy extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, allowing browsing securely and free of location-specific restrictions.

Number of servers

NordVPN has 5,324 Servers in 60 nations. This huge variety of servers is fantastic for its extensive client base. The longer the servers that the VPN has, the less congested the service. Clients do not have to suffer slow speeds.

The app has a Server Navigation menu where consumers may view bandwidth stats for each and every server. According to this they can pick the ideal server for the job at hand.

Obfuscated servers Are another plus for this VPN. When a host is obfuscated, all traffic appears like normal traffic, which makes it less likely to be flagged. This is beneficial in countries where authorities block VPN traffic.

While NordVPN has More than 5000 servers, it is worth noting that it doesn’t have an extremely broad geographical spread.

They don’t have Servers in some critical locations in Africa and South America. VPN consumers in these locations have to choose other providers.

Pros and Cons of NordVPN


· Tons of Great Features

· SmartPlay

· Kill Switch

· Protection against DNS Leaks

· Double Encrypted Servers


· They take the time to issue a Refund

· Could be Somewhat Expensive

In Conclusion

Considering All that it offers, it is quite simple to recommend NordVPN to anybody. As a result of the 5800 and physical servers, good download rate is pretty much guaranteed regardless of where you’re. The VPN’s SmartPlay feature lets users circumvent geo-blocks for as much as 400 different streaming solutions.

However, What is really striking is the amount of security present for its own users. With Features like dual encrypted servers and kill change, coupled with the Fact that its state of origin doesn’t have any data-retention laws, NordVPN is one of The most protected choices around. Additionally, with accessible and helpful customer Support, you’ll be able to eliminate any learning curve on this VPN.