It is finally 2022! The new age has come where the ladies take in hand their relationship and go ahead for it. The days when guy used to start the conversation are long gone. Even on dating platforms like Bumble, only women can start the conversation and make the first move. We understand that there can be confusion regarding how to approach the guy. So we have brought the perfect opening lines for you.

  1. “I see you like the Beatles. I’m a big fan too!”

You have head it off with a perfect topic for common interest. There are very few interesting things that people can bond over & music is definitely one of them.

  1. “Wow, you seem like quite the fitness fanatic!”

Praising him for his perfect biceps is surely a turn on for genuine conversations. Throw this line at your fellow fitness lover and may be you could land up with a great partner for fun-filled workout session.

  1. “Important question: pizzas or burgers?”

You never know what works out for you. A fun filled conversation about foods and other choices can give a good start. Such questions are super easy and can be really fulfilling.

  1. “It’s Friday! Got any big plans for the weekend?”

When you know there is not much to talk, just stick to the basics. Get an info about the weekends and let it go smooth.

  1. “Damn, it seems like you love to travel with your friends! Your pictures are travel goals.”

Travel is one topic which hits well for both the sexes. Talk about the travel pictures, bring up their memories and get set go.

  1. “Do you think the ‘Girl, interrupted’ movie was better than the book?”

Interested in books?? Well this is the line to hit it off and never stop! In case it goes well, you can also meet at a book reading or book shop.

  1. “What do you like to do when you’re not working?”

Showing interest in his pastimes can work. Ask about their hobbies and match the trigger points.

  1. “Looks like you’re a pro at binge-watching TV shows. What are your top three shows of all time?”

Taking attention to their favorite TV show can help you both get along. Ask him what he likes and you can even judge his taste in TV shows.

  1. “You seem to really love eating out. First date at your favorite restaurant?”

Talking about food options can never go wrong. If he is a foodie, go ahead and ask about his favorite restaurant.  It is the ideal topic and you can even make way to his heart!

  1. “I see you’re a software engineer. What’s your favorite part about the job?”

Talking about his work profile can be really interesting. It can result in you knowing him better. Just make sure to keep it fun and special, nowhere near an interview.

  1. “Your dog is adorable! Are you planning to get more pets?”

If you know that he has a dog, go ahead with a pet related query. It is interesting and you can also love his dog! (Wink)

  1. “If you had to pack a bag and go on a trip tonight to anywhere in the world, which place would you pick?”

Travel related instant questions can keep the conversation spicy. It can be informative and you might end up with an insight of his travel experiences.

  1. “Can you describe your top interests with just three emojis?”

Bringing in emojis into the picture can be really exciting and fun.

People usually don’t talk about such cute things but it’s a great way to add interest.

  1. “My first impression is that we’d get along really well. Want to test it out on a date?”

Keeping things straight and simple is easy with this question. Make sure your conversation is interesting for him as an early meet up could be a big turn off.

  1. “I’m no photographer but I can picture us together”

A little flirt caused no harm to anyone. In fact, such cute talks can even win him over.

So, there it is! Few relatable and super fun conversation starters like these, are now at your rescue. Have a great time at Bumble and get your perfect match. Making your first move can be difficult and full of anxiety, but with these lines, first move could never be so easy. Just keep an eye on to their profile, interests, hobbies, and keep things light and fun!