Do You know what Attracts Kids towards Science? It’s experiments !

What Happen when kids willing to try out his textbook activity but it could be risky sometimes at home So, what to do ? MEL science comes with a brand new solutions which comes with STEM box subscription that brings science to life in your very own home.

What Is a STEM Box?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) boxes are plastic school boxes that arrive with learning manipulatives inside. They contain a variety of items such as toothpicks, playdough, pattern blocks, and more. The box also holds a set of task cards and photos containing a selection of engineering structures.

These kits are popular with teachers, who keep them handy for students to use during quiet time. These often prove valuable when a student completes work sooner than their classmates. The STEM boxes provide them with an educational activity while they wait.

Parents find STEM boxes an excellent way to help kids learn at home while keeping them entertained educationally. Imagine the excitement your child will feel when their science kit arrives each month with experiments they can perform.


MEL Chemistry is a subscription service that offers monthly delivery of safe chemistry experiments for kids. The subscription will be interesting for those who want their child to get a touch on real science and for homeschoolers who don’t get access to school labs.

MEL Science team has done a great job searching for the most interesting and safe chemistry experiments. All the ingredients and instructions are shipped to your door in fancy science kits. In the first month of subscription you receive a free Starter Kit, which includes chemistry equipment, safety glasses, smartphone holder, macrolens and VR headset.

Each month subscriber receives from 5 to 6 exciting experiments, the subscription lasts 18 months.

Kids Learn More When They Are Having Fun

It doesn’t matter how often you tell your kids that education is important and that it will help them move into adult learning for a profession they want. If your child is not having fun, they don’t care.

Science is important for understanding the way things work in all aspects of life, from machinery to the weather and more. That is why MEL Science combines modern virtual reality technology with hands-on chemistry experiments, bringing these things to life through your child’s actions.

MEL Science Subscriptions

When considering a MEL Science subscription, you will have decisions based on the age range and type of scientific learning you want to provide your child with.

They offer boxes in age ranges:

  • MEL Kids—ages 5-9
  • MEL Chemistry—ages 10-14
  • MEL Physics—ages 8-14+

All levels require some parental involvement. The area of focus is chemistry or physics.

Various payment options are available, including getting one month free if you prepay for nine months. There is also the option to get three months free when you prepay for twelve months. The latter is a savings of $104.70, so an excellent choice.

Review of MEL Kids

These kits are created for kids age 5-10+. The in-depth projects include augmented reality (AR) lessons plus live science projects. Augmented reality allows students to overlay information, visuals, and other content into reality. This helps to enhance understanding and learning.

Each month your child receives a box that includes a project they build. The projects are easy enough that some kids can work without adult assistance. In addition, the visual instructions allow non-readers to follow the directions on their own.

High-quality materials such as durable wood, plastic, and other materials mean the child’s completed projects will last. When your child reads the comic, they learn about the scientific principles of the project they are creating. They also can experience the project in AR using a downloaded app.

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