About PandaDoc

PandaDoc is cloud-based document management software that helps users in creating tips, quotes, human resources documents, contracts and much more. The solution is mostly used by marketing and sales teams and company leadership.

PandaDoc makes it possible for users to select from an assortment of proposal templates, which are free to customize and download. It also provides options to alter the language and currency used in documents based on regional criteria. With its collaboration feature, various teams can collaborate on a single document by commenting and in-activity logging. The built-in e-signature feature allows signers to approve and sign the documents from anywhere anytime.

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc has enabled sales teams to improve deal workflow, insights, and rate whilst delivering an amazing purchasing experience. More than 18,000 customers use PandaDoc’s all-in-one document automation applications to streamline the process to produce, approve, and eSign tips, quotations, and contracts. PandaDoc will help you simplify procedures and improve efficiency across the entire organization when you incorporate your existing CRM, payment, and file storage apps to one workflow.

How PandaDoc is more beneficial for us ?

Review of PandaDoc Benefits

1. Powerful but simple to use document creator

The system comes with preset and templates content blocks that will help you speed up the production of documents. What normally takes time to craft and perfect your documents now only takes moments. Making your quotations, for instance, becomes simpler, faster, and accurate, saving you valuable time and resources. Documents can be personalized and customized to reflect your brand such as incorporating your company logo and colors, or whatever other components such as text and images. Likewise, you get a secured cloud location that functions as your central repository where you can put all your documents, files and data. Never miss files you create and easily get them anytime you want them.

2. ESignatures for quicker procedure

In case you have documents having a hierarchy of men in different places who need to sign them, that will entail a lot of time, effort, and expenses to have the documents physically delivered to the signer and shipped straight back to you personally. Time is money and the quicker you can close and finish the procedure translates into savings in price. You are able to streamline the process with among PandaDoc’s most useful and valued feature (according to a lot of delighted customers ) — that the built-in digital signature technologies. ESignature is legally binding and eliminates the hassle of moving through several resources and activity just to have documents forwarded, signed and reviewed.

3. Built for cooperation

Template and articles libraries supercharge your sales, advertising, and legal organizations to swiftly create suggestions and other business documents which are branded, packed with compelling articles, and completely compliant with all legal, pricing and other guidelines/policies of your company. PandaDoc’s in-proposal action logging and consolidating lets you or your teams negotiate pricing and terms as well as workout agreements and deals with your customers, effectively reducing your time from weeks to hours or minutes. With the collaboration feature, you are going to experience the new normal of having workflows and tasks done in no time. In reality, it has been found out that companies that use PandaDoc close more business in less time than firms who don’t.

4. Increased productivity and efficiency

With attributes intended to create quicker sales process — cooperation tools, content libraries, built-in eSignatures and even payment processing — all without sacrificing quality or attention to detail, PandaDoc helps enhance productivity significantly. The program’s users have reported on average the subsequent — 100% precision, 50% decrease in time per document created, 30% increase at near prices, and 15 percent increase in value per deal. Additionally, high efficiency was documented since PandaDoc’s on-line alternative allows generating, sending, and signing of documents as long as you’re online. In does not matter if you’re at the office, in the field, or in the home, you are able to handle all of your work from a web connected device. Also, you will not be bothered working with PDFs, Word documents, printers, faxes, scanners, and all with paper since all your proposals and files will be digital, securely done and stored in the cloud.

5. High-level analytics

The software not only allows you to monitor where your documents are, in addition, it lets you know what happens to a file when you email or send it to your receiver. PandaDoc provides you real-time analytics whenever your recipient opens and completes your documents. Moreover, you can see how long your receiver spent on each segment and page of your document, helping you to understand how your recipient — if client, customer, supplier or seller — reacts along with your document. Having the ability assess their behavior provides you the capacity to adjust your files’ contents or layout to make it more persuasive and agreeable. Your staff has to have the ability to react quickly and correctly to the behavior of recipients so as to match their requirements and tastes, and thus have the ability to convert them to customers and close more sales. Speed in making alterations to your own tricks is critical, and PandaDoc gives you that.

6. Integrated platform

Nearly two dozen tools and features converge in one powerful, integrated package, making PandaDoc your all-in-one document management platform. You can import crucial data from all these other systems and merge them right to your files at PandaDoc.

Update your eSignatures with true document automation

Document automation from PandaDoc only allows revenue teams to get more deals done. Not only can you make it easier for salespeople to make beautiful documents, you’ll also have the insights you want to create a more predictable, repeatable, and scalable pipeline.

 Accelerate every stage of the deal cycle with PandaDoc

What Problems Will PandaDoc Solve?

1. Less time spent on files.

The problem is, his existing record workflow means he’ll spend a few hours creating them from multiple tools. This time is also to his 8+ hour work day. PandaDoc lets him utilize templates and its own drag-and-drop record editor allows him to make his suggestions and contracts at half the time.

Characteristic: Template and articles library.

2. Get signatures faster.

The majority of the time you still will need to download the document, publish, physically sign and scan your document back to the individual who delivered it to you personally. PandaDoc makes this totally electronic. Its built-in eSignatures means you can electronically sign your files in one tool without using antiquated techniques like wasting and printing paper.

Feature: Electronic signature technology

3. Higher Close Rates

Many older methods of generating, sending and signing documents mean that your revenue cycle can be extended, not to mention the further time likely needed for potential discussions. PandaDoc will help you to make, send, track and sign your documents; you’re finally saving time and shortening your sales cycle consequently increasing your close rate.

Characteristic : Collaboration tools and workflow automation

How much Does PandaDoc Cost ?

PandaDoc Pricing Plans:

Free Trial                      x

Free eSign                     Free

Essentials                      $19 per month/User

Business                        $49 per month/User

Enterprise                     By quote

PandaDoc offers a free eSign program and 3 paid bundles for eSigning and document automation beginning at $19 a month per user. All plans include unlimited documents, eSignatures, and consumers. Start your test with a free 14-day trial.

Pros and Cons of PandaDoc


  • Quick notification
  • Super simple and effective to use
  • Fantastic efficiency and cooperation
  • Integrates with CRM , ERP and payment system
  • Proper functionality.


  • Non functionality with API or zapier
  • They send notification constantly
  • Very irritating
  • Everthing is messed-up
  • No text wrapping in fields.

Final Thought

PandaDoc has become an integral part of our business operations. The technological attributes, persistent updates and enthusiasm are all reasons why we continue to encourage and use the service

The customer care staff is incredible – they’re so valuable and return to you so quickly. The software itself is so easy to use and extremely user friendly. The content and templates is so simple to make and really adaptable, you can do a lot with it without trying too hard.